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Comprehensive inventory service

The full range of reports that document the Tenancy are:-

  • Inventory and Schedule of Condition

  • Check In Report

  • Mid term and / or 6 monthly Inspection Reports

  • Check Out Report


Many tenancies do not have all of these reports and services provided by an independent provider, as many Letting agents will build some of these services into their management agreements with Landlords.  However, we would always recommend that any Tenancy should have the Inventory and Schedule of Condition report provided by an independent provider who has the proper insurance cover and is also a member of the one or other of professional industry associations.


Inventory and Schedule of Condition


This report is a type written description of all of the contents of the property, what colour the walls and ceilings are, what floorings are fitted, what lighting is fitted, what heating and windows are fitted, and the condition of each of these items. The report also describes the level of cleanliness of the property and the condition of any outside spaces, garages and outhouses. Each report has embedded in it, a series of high resolution photographs of each room and any areas of damage, marks or dilapidations. The report also records the utility readings and locations of key items like the water stop taps, gas shut off levers, fuse boxes and boilers.


Check In Report


This can be separate report that compares the Inventory descriptions to the condition of the property at the actual time the Tenant takes possession of the keys. At Inventory Management Services, we have designed our Inventory reports to include a column to allow the condition at check in and check out to be recorded in just one document. This allows for a clear and concise reading of the change in condition of any items during the course of the Tenancy. An accompanied Check In would also involve us meeting the Tenant at the property to take them through the Inventory, make any changes, sign the document and hand over the keys to the property.


Inspection Report


This can be customised to suit individual requirements, but typically it will be a short report on the condition of each room, how many people are living at the property, whether any pets are present, whether smoking is taking place, and noting down any items or issues that require maintenance or may constitute a health and safety breach. The visit also gives the Tenant the opportunity to feed back comments to either the Agent or the Landlord and ask questions of us as independent providers as to their responsibilities. A very simple example of a standard item check is to check that the extractor fans are operating in all of the bathrooms and shower rooms. This can be important to prevent mould building up on ceilings and walls.


Check Out Report


The Check Out report provides a comparison of the condition of the property and its contents at the end of the Tenancy to the condition at the start of the Tenancy. As an independent provider we add to our Check Out reports whether any variation is due to fair wear and tear, is a maintenance issue, or is a chargeable item that the Tenant should pay for. We also help to negotiate mutually agreeable settlements that avoid going to the DPS for dispute resolution.


Whether a Check Out report is required will depend on the results of the final inspection and whether substantial charges are likely to apply. However, in the event that either the Landlord, Tenant or Agent wishes to take the matter to the DPS for dispute resolution, we would recommend a Check Out report be produced by an independent service provider.


Example reports are available on request.


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Keep your investments safe and avoid unpleasant disputes

A good way of safekeeping your investment property during any tenancy is to ensure you start by having a high quality, comprehensive Inventory and Schedule of Condition report produced by an independent service provider. This document should be discussed with the new Tenant during the Check In and both parties should sign the document agreeing to its accuracy and content.


To ensure the Tenancy proceeds in a mutually beneficial way, we also recommend that mid term inspection visits are undertaken and reports produced. These will check that the terms of the Tenancy are being adhered to, for example; that only the Tenants listed on the Tenancy agreement are living at the property, that no pets have been introduced in contravention of relevant Tenancy agreement clauses, and that the property is being maintained and used appropriately.

“IMS have provided an efficient and comprehensive service. I have found them extremely efficient in dealing with my requests and liaising with my landlords and tenants. I highly recommend their services to any agent or landlord requiring detailed inventory services.”


- Fields of Shifnal

Any difference caused by activity other than fair wear and tear is captured in the Check Out report and responsibility assigned. Claims for charges may be made to the DPS against the deposit held.

Fees or a standard Inventory and Schedule of Condition Report

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